Tailored mindfulness-based performance programs to help individuals and organizations achieve their professional goals.

Your next level up

Get started with Piiva’s customized, five-week program to guide teams to perform at their highest level. From home or the office, exercises fit easily into your team’s schedule.

Mental fitness training

Improve team performance with a unique mental training approach. With Piiva, teams get access awareness, breathwork, and mastery exercises targeting health and skills development.

Work-life balance

We understand the commitment people make to their work. Each exercise is designed to help create positive business outcomes and life outcomes. Join Piiva Nation.

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It all starts with the mind. Piiva creates the most innovative and custom peak-performance programs for your organization.


Investing in a company’s greatest asset

Three ways your team will benefit from the Piiva program

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1 Better health

See your team become all in. Piiva provides methods for improving health, boosting energy and bettering sleep to help people become well rested throughout the year.

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2 Elevated engagement

People gain skills to engage with the greatest concentration, even with work’s many distractions. The program helps create a culture where teams are prepared, relaxed and ready.

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3 Increased creativity

Energize team work and interactions. From meetings to project innovation, elevate every facet of team creativity—setting a foundation for greater levels of performance.


Mindfulness-based meditation and biofeedback exercises are at the core of our program. These enhance your team’s awareness of their thoughts, interactions, and work—changing
how they think, communicate, and perform.

Over five weeks, new sessions are introduced
to progressively challenge teams as they gain experience. Exercises range from 5-25 minutes long, and are adjustable to an individual’s progress and schedule.


Breathwork offers a great way to see how the breath affects our energy, performance, and recovery. Piiva provides a set of recommended exercises to improve your team’s performance and rest time.

A closer Look at the Program

Target your team performance needs with a program built on a foundation of proven success.


Mastery exercises help teams refine and elevate their core skills. Piiva provides a set of visualization sessions and methods for enhancing individual development.

Combined with awareness techniques and breathwork, mastery exercises are designed
to help you see and feel results quickly.

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We’ve worked players and teams across sports to create trailblazers mental performance programs.

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