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What sports are most suited for Piiva?

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Our mind performance training is designed to help athletes grow and transform. From improving skills to increasing well-being, our program assists individuals and teams across all sports.

Is it better to do the program in season or off season?

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You can start in season or during the off season. The program will have an influence on your performance both ways. The most important part is that you’re getting a lot of reps in your sport so the program can affect how you move and see the game.

Where do I get access to my digital program?

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After you’ve purchased a subscription for the program, you will be sent an email which will provide you a link to sign up and get started. Piiva is an online platform and does not require any download from the app stores.

If you don't see an email in your inbox, check your junkmail. If you don’t receive an email within thirty minutes, please reach out to [email protected].

How long is the total program?

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Your subscription with Piiva is for a year. The core program starts with 3 phases that last for a combined 11 weeks. As early as 3-4 weeks into the program, athletes generally start seeing an increase in performance.

However, each athlete is unique and experiences their improvements at different times. For the remainder of the year, athletes practice a more customized schedule that fits their sport and training.

What is the best age for this app?

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The program is created for people 12 and older. We’ve found this is the earliest age to start a program of this level. If a person is under 18, usage of the app must be under the consent of a parent or guardian, and under such person’s account.

What if someone has never done this type of training?

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We’ve built the program to be easy to follow. Whether it’s an athlete’s first time practicing these types of techniques or they’ve done some before, the program has guided audio for each exercise to get the best results.